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In the News - 2017

Can the Trump administration really block affirmative action in schools?
CNN - 8/3/17

Asian-Americans’ Complaint Prompted Justice Inquiry of College Admissions
New York Times - 8/2/17

Sessions’s move to take on affirmative action energizes Trump’s base
Washington Post - 8/2/17

Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions
New York Times - 8/1/17

Court Rejects Attempt to Block Election Integrity Panel from Doing its Job
Powerline - 7/24/17

NJ May Adopt Ineffective Policy Meant To Reduce Minority Incarceration
The Daily Caller - 7/6/17

Samantha Bee says buying weed, tampering with an odometer or a lobster trap are felonies
Politifact Florida - 5/25/17

Weekly litigation report
Pacific Legal Foundation - 5/20/17

Trump Aims To Limit The Education Department’s Influence In New Order
Huffington Post- 4/26/17

Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies News and Achievements
ETOWN Now- 4/24/17

GOP fringe candidates are indefensible
Richmond Times- 4/23/17

Scholars begin to show skepticism regarding ‘microaggressions’
The College Fix- 4/22/17

Scholars Begin to Refute the Micro-aggression Theory Rampant in Academia
National Review- 4/21/17

Sessions urged to purge Obama staff from Civil Rights Division
Washington Times- 4/12/17

Newsmax's 50 Most Influential Latino Republicans
Newsmax - 3/28/17

Measuring Diversity
Monterey County Weekly - 3/16/17

Environmental Justice Under Trump
Powerline - 3/10/17

Powerline - 2/16/17

Lawmakers Haven't Protected Free Speech On Campus--Here's How They Can
Forbes - 2/5/17

A commendable idea that could be problematic to implement
The Ledger - 2/5/17

Race-baiting BLM mouthpiece Benjamin Crump is an insult to Dr. King's vision
Conservative Review - 1/16/17

A Turning Point in the Campus Culture Wars? For Some, Trump Raises Hopes
Chronicle of Higher Education - 1/4/17

In the News - 2016

What Will The Trump Supreme Court Look Like?
Lawful - 12/28/16

University Of Texas Regent Forced To Sue To Get Key Information Embarrassing To Bigwigs
Forbes - 12/23/16

Obama Press Conference Draws Attention Away from Controversial Appointments
Newsline - 12/19/16

Prison inmates can vote in Maine, and interest this year has been high
Bangor Daily News - 11/4/16

Do California parents want bilingual education?
Christian Science Monitor - 10/26/16

Virginia makes progress in push to restore voting rights for ex-convicts
The Guardian - 10/14/16

Unable to Vote, Ex-Convicts Reach Out, Try to Have Impact on US Election
VOA - 10/12/16

Why 10% of Florida Adults Can’t Vote: How Felony Convictions Affect Access to the Ballot
New York Times - 10/6/16

2016 Election: America's prison voters
Al Jazeera - 10/1/16

Dismissing the Reality of Affirmative Action
Minding the Campus - 9/23/16

A High Injustice
Ricochet - 9/14/16

Voting rights for felons at mercy of partisan politics
NonDoc - 8/31/16

Efforts to restore felons' voting rights cause deep divide - 8/25/16

California: Increasing Community Voices Through Voting Districts
NBC News - 8/23/16

Even Dems Freaked About Bill Getting Female Interns If Hillary Wins
Daily Caller - 8/15/16

Affirmative Action Vacations?
Lifezette - 8/11/16

Supreme Court upholds University of Texas affirmative-action admissions
Washington Post - 6/23/16

Despite 48 letters of recommendation, Gundrum skipped over for vacancy
Wisconsin Law Journal- 7/25/16

After Fisher: affirmative action and Asian-American students
SF Gate- 7/14/16

Overwhelming majority of Americans oppose affirmative action in universities
Study International- 7/11/16

Poll: Even minorities oppose affirmative action
Campus Reform - 7/9/16

Florida's Felons Can't Vote, but They Can Give Campaigns as Much Cash as They Want
Miami New Times- 7/5/16

Iowa high court upholds felony voting ban. Why is that unusual?
Christian Science Monitor- 6/30/16

But Why Tho? On Affirmative Action
Willamette Week - 6/28/16

Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action Program at University of Texas
New York Times- 6/23/16

Supreme Court decision on affirmative action could change college admissions nationally – and prompt more lawsuits
Hechinger Report - 6/23/16

Supreme Court upholds affirmative action in university admissions
USA Today - 6/23/16

ACLU Demands Tax Breaks For TV Industry Affirmative Action Hires
Daily Caller - 6/20/16

Affirmative Action blunts cries of racism from Latinos
Woodburn Independent - 6/15/16

An Additional Point on Racial Mirroring
Federalist Society - 5/26/16

US election: Criminals allowed to vote in Virginia after Democrat Governor changes law
ABC - 5/22/16

Podcast: Felons and the right to vote
Constituion Daily - 5/19/16

Is Tyranny Around the Corner?
New York Times - 5/12/16

FAA Discrimination Lawsuit Names EEOC Chair
Daily Caller - 4/25/16

If You Can’t Follow Laws, You Shouldn’t Help Make Them
New York Times - 4/22/16

Felons who’ve paid their debt deserve to vote, says Virginia Gov. McAuliffe
PBS - 4/22/16

Daily Iowan- 4/8/16

Broderick Johnson is His Brother’s Keeper
Indianapolis Recorder- 4/6/16

AG Loretta Lynch wants to let nation break law without consequences
NY Post- 3/27/16

Many ex-felons don't know they can get their right to vote restored
witf- 3/20/16

Black activist calls on UConn to change black dorm
Journal Inquirer- 3/12/16

The Right Credentials
Roll Call- 3/11/16

Iowa Supreme Court To Consider Challenge To Felon Voting Law
Iowa Public Radio- 3/11/16

Why Is It Still So Hard for Ex-Cons to Vote in Florida?
Vice- 3/7/16

Saturday Q&A: Sizing up the Supreme Court's affirmative action case
Trib Live- 2/19/16

Many ex-felons don’t know they can get their right to vote restored
Center for Public Integrity- 2/17/16

Antonin Scalia’s Death Probably Won’t Affect ‘Fisher,’ but It Could Change the Future of Affirmative Action
Chronicle of Higher Ed- 2/14/16

UT's plan to pick top leaders draws flak
Mineral Wells Index- 2/4/16

UConn building 'black-only' living space to promote scholarship
FOX News- 2/2/16

For Black Men
Inside Higher Ed- 2/2/16

Interest Groups Support NCAA’s Anti-Felon Policy on Appeal
JDSUPRA Business- 1/15/16

Between the Scylla of Disparate Impact and the Charybdis of Disparate Treatment
CATO Institute- 1/13/16

In the News - 2008

Checking racism's postelection pulse - Nov 6, 2008 

Affirmative action change under Obama? - Nov 3, 2008 

Erasing Racial Ratios

National Review Online - Nov 2, 2008

Fifty Years later, the Oldest Survivor of Death Row USA Casts Ballot for Obama - Nov 2, 2008 

AMENDMENT 46: Pro/Con - Nov 2, 2008 

KING: Amendment 46 is crucial for civil rights - Nov 3, 2008 

If affirmative action ban passes, UNL would have to cope, find new tactics, recruitment official says - Oct 30, 2008 

Nebraska, Colorado to vote on affirmative action - Oct 29, 2008 

Initiative may ban Nebraska affirmative action programs if approved by voters - Oct 27, 2008 

More felons learning -- to their surprise -- that they can vote

Los Angeles Times - Oct 27, 2008 

"Yes" on 46 for equal opportunity

Denver Post, CO - Oct 16, 2008 

Law school's admittance policy questioned
Daily Nebraskan, NE - Oct 15, 2008 

Nebraska Law School Dean Says OK to Admit Minorities With Lower Test Scores
FOXNews - Oct 9, 2008 

NU officials dispute report
Trading Markets (press release), CA - Oct 9, 2008 

Is Affirmative Action in Decline or Out of Control?
Inside Higher Ed, DC - Oct 9, 2008 

Group Claims UNL Discriminates Against Whites, NE - Oct 8, 2008 

Nebraska law school dean said using race in admissions decisions OK

News Net Nebraska, NE - Oct 8, 2008 

Report Accuses U. of Nebraska Law School of Heavily Favoring Minority Applicants
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) - Oct 8, 2008 

Anti-Affirmative Group Targets UNL
WOWT, NE - Oct 8, 2008 

Group says Neb. college biased against whites
KCAU, IA - Oct 8, 2008

Admission imbalance reported at 2 law schools, October 23, 2008

Clegg debates felon voting with a felon at a prison
YouTube, October 18, 2008

Linda Chavez on Bill Moyers Journal  (Full Transcript)
PBS, October 17, 2008

Affirmative-action debate continues 

Arizona Daily Star, October 1, 2008

Report Accuses Arizona Public Law Schools of Bias Against White Applicants 

The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 1, 2008

Affirmative-action debate continues 
Arizona Daily Star, October 1, 2008

Studies: Race a big factor for admission to ASU, UofA law schools, October 1, 2008

Separate But Equal? 
Inside Higher Education, September 30, 2008

The Bigger Picture: Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote? 
Illinois Home Page, September 29, 2008

Groups push for ex-felons' voting rights, September 23, 2008

New Jefferson school plan: Is it constitutional?, September 26, 2008

Groups push to expand ex-felon voting, September 23, 2008

Guidance or Spin on Affirmative Action, September 19, 2008

Evidence for Educational Value of Diversity, September 10, 2008

UCLA faces racial dilemna 
The Daily Free Press, September 9, 2008

COOPER VS. COOPER: When to restore rights?, August 6, 2008

Your Take: Amendment 46 is good for Colorado 
Colorado Daily, August 4, 2008

Why McCain is still in it 
Los Angeles Times, August 4, 2008

S House apologizes for slavery, reviving reparations call, July 31, 2008

Commentary - Should felons have the right to vote? - NO: Felon disenfranchisement is actually a good idea, July 24, 2008

Chavez: Beware Initiative 82
The Quotas that Wont Die, July 21, 2008 

What's Spanish For Hypocrite, July 10, 2008

Reverse Discrimination 
USA Today, July 10, 2008

The ABA's DIversity Agenda, July 8, 2008

Commentary calls Apology from Government Silly
Native American Times, June 30, 2008

Silly Apology
National Review, June 27, 2008

Diversity Meets Data at George Mason Law, June 26, 2008

Minority Recruiting is Paying Off, June 13, 2008

Demographic Dislocation June 13, 2008

Groups Debate Whether Felons Should Regain the Right to Vote 
Daily Journal, May 28, 2008

James Webb, Barack Obama, and Affirmative Action 
National Review Online, May 22, 2008

Opponents and Supporters of Affirmative Action Debate Use of Race in College Admissions, May 22, 2008

Minority Program Under Investigation, May 12, 2008

Sommer Barnard merging into Cincinnati firm 
Indianapolis Business Journal, Apr 29, 2008

A goal of diversity, without litigation 
The Daily Pennsylvanian, Apr 29, 2008

Supreme Court Endorsement of Photo ID Election Rule Hailed by Black Activists 
Hawaii Reporter Apr 28, 2008

Was Obama's Speech Enough? 
The Week Daily, Apr 10, 2008

Conservatives support SBA on women's contracting rule 
San Jose Business Journal, Apr 4, 2008

TV’s Political Pundits Show Signs of Diversity 
New York Times, Apr 1, 2008 

Felons' Voting Requests Pile Up 

The Wall Street Journal, March 31, 2008

Nebraska considering apologizing for slavery, March 22, 2008

Linda Chavez on Barack Obama & Race 

National Review Online, March 19, 2008

Politics as Usual 

National Review Online, March 18, 2008

Sisters, Sisters 

The American Spectator, March 4, 2008

Lawmakers to push for US apology for slavery 
USA Today, February 27, 2008

Fox News commentator doesn't disappoint during visit to AU 
The Beacon News, February 23, 2008

Without affirmative action, Asian admission rates rise 
The Brown Daily Herald, February 13, 2008

Tough Odds for Asian Americans
The Harvard Crimson, February 13, 2008

Equal Rights Nonsense 

The Wall Street Journal, February 8, 2008

Teachers Advised to ‘Get Real’ on Race 
Education Week, January 29, 2008

Resegregation of U.S. schools deepening 
Axcess News, January 29, 2008

Latest federal regs still aren’t enough aid for biz women 
Boston Herald, January 25, 2008

Project 21 Members Argue that Voter ID Laws Depress Fraud, not Turnout 
The Student Operated Press, January 9, 2008

Top 10 Stories of 2007 January 1, 2008

In the News - 2015/14

Asian-American groups challenge UT quotas
Weatherford Democrat- 12/10/15

7 Criticisms Of Affirmative Action That Have Been Thoroughly Disproved
Think Progress- 12/9/15

Video: Debating Affirmative Action
Constitution Center- 12/4/15

McRaven’s racial hiring policy for UT is likely illegal, experts say 11/12/15

New study urges consideration of race in college admissions
Pacific Legal- 10/31/15

SAT's Racial Impact
Inside Higher Ed- 10/27/15

Not every ex-felon should regain right to vote
Palm Beach Post- 10/11/15

Q&A with Linda Chavez
The Collegian- 9/17/15

Symposium: Getting serious about racial discrimination
The Collegian- 9/8/15

A "Dubious Expediency": How Race-Preferential Admissions Policies on Campus Hurt Minority Students
The Heritage Foundation - 8/31/15

Meet the conservatives making a stand for ‘birthright citizenship’
Washington Post - 8/21/15

Court ruling in Texas doesn’t demonstrate the need for ‘preclearance’
Washington Post - 8/12/15

Does America need to restore the Voting Rights Act?
CBS News - 8/5/15

Lawyers debate campaign financing, voter restrictions and other election issues
ABA Journal - 8/1/15

War on Suburbs: Obama, Julian Castro Rev up Affirmative Action Housing
Breitbart - 7/29/15

Realities of Real Estate: The impact of disparate impact
Capital Gazette - 7/12/15

A decision with a disparate impact against common sense
Washington Examiner - 6/29/15

Supreme Court upholds far-reaching rules against racial discrimination in housing
LA Times- 6/25/15

When Democrats challenged executive overreach
Washington Examiner- 6/15/15

Illinois Uses Racial Preferences for No Good Reason
Cato Institute - 6/4/15

Voting Rights: 6 Reasons Ex-Felons Shouldn't Vote
Newsmax - 4/15/15

Put Emma Lazarus, Muse for a Nation of Immigrants, on the $20 Bill
New York Times - 3/18/15

Disparate Impact's Day in Court
Powerline Blog - 1/22/15

Texas housing case could see civil rights act reinterpreted
AlJazerra America - 1/21/15

Housing-Bias Claims at Risk as High Court Weighs Curbing Suits
Bloomberg - 1/20/15

Plan seeks diversity at SoCal theater companies — but some question it
LA Times - 1/19/15

Holder: Cops Must Pretend Some Facts Don’t Exist
Daily Caller- 12/08/14

Rand Paul’s mistake: Courting Al Sharpton
Washington Post - 11/24/14

Showdown Over Landmark Housing Law Looms at U.S. Supreme Court
Bloomberg - 9/25/14

Minding the Campus - 9/12/14

Both Sides Find Reason for Optimism After Latest Ruling on Texas Affirmative Action
Diverse - 7/17/14

An open letter to Condoleezza Rice
Insight News - 4/11/14

Good News for Low-Income Students
Chronicle of Higher Education - 4/10/14

EEOC Loses Hypocritical Lawsuit against Employer over Background Checks - 4/9/14

Political fight is brewing on race-based preferences
SF Gate - 3/21/14

What Do Unions Offer American Workers Today?
Linda Chavez on PBS - 2/26/14

Panelists at Colorado CELL event agree anti-terror system is broken
Denver Post - 2/18/14

Background checks as the new racism
Claiborne Progress - 12/8/13

Black-on-white crime in America
Star Tribune - 9/14/13

The New Civil-Rights Movement
National Review - 8/30/13

Outrage simmers on 48th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act
Constituion Daily - 8/6/13

More Voting-Rights Challenges from Holder
Heritage Foundation - 7/30/13

Coast Guard Scholarship Called 'Plainly Illegal'
WND Education - 7/21/13

States should be free to determine their own voting rules
USA Today - 6/25/13

The Supreme Court Takes the Mt. Holly Case
National Review - 6/17/13

Take the Mt. Holly Case
National Review - 6/7/13

Virginia Governor Restores the Vote to Nonviolent Felons” - 6/5/13

Regarding the May 29 editorial “A stain on Virginia’s democracy”
Washington Post - 6/2/13

Columbia University Seeks to Amend Legacy Whites-Only Fellowship
Diverse - 5/18/13

Arizona gets English out of the courtroom and into the classroom
Washington Times - 5/3/13

The Ultimate Flaw of College Admissions: More Than Race and Class
New School Free Press - 4/9/13

Causing discrimination rather than ending it: Color-coded public contracting perpetuates unequal treatment
Washington Times - 4/9/13

More Focus Needed on Immigrant Assimilation
National Review- 4/8/13

OU admission practices not a surprise, think tank president says
NewsOK - 10/26/12

University lied about racial admissions, study says
Daily Caller - 10/25/12

In the News - 2007

CEO on Stage … and Behind the Scenes

The National Association of Scholars has launched a new webpage dedicated to its study of Bowdoin College. It will feature a series of “contextualizing observations” in the weeks leading up to its publication of a full report; the first such installment is available here. The entertaining origins of this effort will be familiar to the Center for Equal Opportunity’s supporters, and can be read about here and here. Congratulations to NAS on what promises to be an important case study of political correctness.  And congratulations to CEO board member Tom Klingenstein, who has played the leading role in bringing all this about.


In the News - 2006