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In the News - 2016

What Will The Trump Supreme Court Look Like?
Lawful - 12/28/16

University Of Texas Regent Forced To Sue To Get Key Information Embarrassing To Bigwigs
Forbes - 12/23/16

Obama Press Conference Draws Attention Away from Controversial Appointments
Newsline - 12/19/16

Prison inmates can vote in Maine, and interest this year has been high
Bangor Daily News - 11/4/16

Do California parents want bilingual education?
Christian Science Monitor - 10/26/16

Virginia makes progress in push to restore voting rights for ex-convicts
The Guardian - 10/14/16

Unable to Vote, Ex-Convicts Reach Out, Try to Have Impact on US Election
VOA - 10/12/16

Why 10% of Florida Adults Can’t Vote: How Felony Convictions Affect Access to the Ballot
New York Times - 10/6/16

2016 Election: America's prison voters
Al Jazeera - 10/1/16

Dismissing the Reality of Affirmative Action
Minding the Campus - 9/23/16

A High Injustice
Ricochet - 9/14/16

Voting rights for felons at mercy of partisan politics
NonDoc - 8/31/16

Efforts to restore felons' voting rights cause deep divide - 8/25/16

California: Increasing Community Voices Through Voting Districts
NBC News - 8/23/16

Even Dems Freaked About Bill Getting Female Interns If Hillary Wins
Daily Caller - 8/15/16

Affirmative Action Vacations?
Lifezette - 8/11/16

Supreme Court upholds University of Texas affirmative-action admissions
Washington Post - 6/23/16

Despite 48 letters of recommendation, Gundrum skipped over for vacancy
Wisconsin Law Journal- 7/25/16

After Fisher: affirmative action and Asian-American students
SF Gate- 7/14/16

Overwhelming majority of Americans oppose affirmative action in universities
Study International- 7/11/16

Poll: Even minorities oppose affirmative action
Campus Reform - 7/9/16

Florida's Felons Can't Vote, but They Can Give Campaigns as Much Cash as They Want
Miami New Times- 7/5/16

Iowa high court upholds felony voting ban. Why is that unusual?
Christian Science Monitor- 6/30/16

But Why Tho? On Affirmative Action
Willamette Week - 6/28/16

Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action Program at University of Texas
New York Times- 6/23/16

Supreme Court decision on affirmative action could change college admissions nationally – and prompt more lawsuits
Hechinger Report - 6/23/16

Supreme Court upholds affirmative action in university admissions
USA Today - 6/23/16

ACLU Demands Tax Breaks For TV Industry Affirmative Action Hires
Daily Caller - 6/20/16

Affirmative Action blunts cries of racism from Latinos
Woodburn Independent - 6/15/16

An Additional Point on Racial Mirroring
Federalist Society - 5/26/16

US election: Criminals allowed to vote in Virginia after Democrat Governor changes law
ABC - 5/22/16

Podcast: Felons and the right to vote
Constituion Daily - 5/19/16

Is Tyranny Around the Corner?
New York Times - 5/12/16

FAA Discrimination Lawsuit Names EEOC Chair
Daily Caller - 4/25/16

If You Can’t Follow Laws, You Shouldn’t Help Make Them
New York Times - 4/22/16

Felons who’ve paid their debt deserve to vote, says Virginia Gov. McAuliffe
PBS - 4/22/16

Daily Iowan- 4/8/16

Broderick Johnson is His Brother’s Keeper
Indianapolis Recorder- 4/6/16

AG Loretta Lynch wants to let nation break law without consequences
NY Post- 3/27/16

Many ex-felons don't know they can get their right to vote restored
witf- 3/20/16

Black activist calls on UConn to change black dorm
Journal Inquirer- 3/12/16

The Right Credentials
Roll Call- 3/11/16

Iowa Supreme Court To Consider Challenge To Felon Voting Law
Iowa Public Radio- 3/11/16

Why Is It Still So Hard for Ex-Cons to Vote in Florida?
Vice- 3/7/16

Saturday Q&A: Sizing up the Supreme Court's affirmative action case
Trib Live- 2/19/16

Many ex-felons don’t know they can get their right to vote restored
Center for Public Integrity- 2/17/16

Antonin Scalia’s Death Probably Won’t Affect ‘Fisher,’ but It Could Change the Future of Affirmative Action
Chronicle of Higher Ed- 2/14/16

UT's plan to pick top leaders draws flak
Mineral Wells Index- 2/4/16

UConn building 'black-only' living space to promote scholarship
FOX News- 2/2/16

For Black Men
Inside Higher Ed- 2/2/16

Interest Groups Support NCAA’s Anti-Felon Policy on Appeal
JDSUPRA Business- 1/15/16

Between the Scylla of Disparate Impact and the Charybdis of Disparate Treatment
CATO Institute- 1/13/16