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In the News - 2017

Can the Trump administration really block affirmative action in schools?
CNN - 8/3/17

Asian-Americans’ Complaint Prompted Justice Inquiry of College Admissions
New York Times - 8/2/17

Sessions’s move to take on affirmative action energizes Trump’s base
Washington Post - 8/2/17

Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions
New York Times - 8/1/17

Court Rejects Attempt to Block Election Integrity Panel from Doing its Job
Powerline - 7/24/17

NJ May Adopt Ineffective Policy Meant To Reduce Minority Incarceration
The Daily Caller - 7/6/17

Samantha Bee says buying weed, tampering with an odometer or a lobster trap are felonies
Politifact Florida - 5/25/17

Weekly litigation report
Pacific Legal Foundation - 5/20/17

Trump Aims To Limit The Education Department’s Influence In New Order
Huffington Post- 4/26/17

Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies News and Achievements
ETOWN Now- 4/24/17

GOP fringe candidates are indefensible
Richmond Times- 4/23/17

Scholars begin to show skepticism regarding ‘microaggressions’
The College Fix- 4/22/17

Scholars Begin to Refute the Micro-aggression Theory Rampant in Academia
National Review- 4/21/17

Sessions urged to purge Obama staff from Civil Rights Division
Washington Times- 4/12/17

Newsmax's 50 Most Influential Latino Republicans
Newsmax - 3/28/17

Measuring Diversity
Monterey County Weekly - 3/16/17

Environmental Justice Under Trump
Powerline - 3/10/17

Powerline - 2/16/17

Lawmakers Haven't Protected Free Speech On Campus--Here's How They Can
Forbes - 2/5/17

A commendable idea that could be problematic to implement
The Ledger - 2/5/17

Race-baiting BLM mouthpiece Benjamin Crump is an insult to Dr. King's vision
Conservative Review - 1/16/17

A Turning Point in the Campus Culture Wars? For Some, Trump Raises Hopes
Chronicle of Higher Education - 1/4/17