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In the News - 2015/14

Asian-American groups challenge UT quotas
Weatherford Democrat- 12/10/15

7 Criticisms Of Affirmative Action That Have Been Thoroughly Disproved
Think Progress- 12/9/15

Video: Debating Affirmative Action
Constitution Center- 12/4/15

McRaven’s racial hiring policy for UT is likely illegal, experts say 11/12/15

New study urges consideration of race in college admissions
Pacific Legal- 10/31/15

SAT's Racial Impact
Inside Higher Ed- 10/27/15

Not every ex-felon should regain right to vote
Palm Beach Post- 10/11/15

Q&A with Linda Chavez
The Collegian- 9/17/15

Symposium: Getting serious about racial discrimination
The Collegian- 9/8/15

A "Dubious Expediency": How Race-Preferential Admissions Policies on Campus Hurt Minority Students
The Heritage Foundation - 8/31/15

Meet the conservatives making a stand for ‘birthright citizenship’
Washington Post - 8/21/15

Court ruling in Texas doesn’t demonstrate the need for ‘preclearance’
Washington Post - 8/12/15

Does America need to restore the Voting Rights Act?
CBS News - 8/5/15

Lawyers debate campaign financing, voter restrictions and other election issues
ABA Journal - 8/1/15

War on Suburbs: Obama, Julian Castro Rev up Affirmative Action Housing
Breitbart - 7/29/15

Realities of Real Estate: The impact of disparate impact
Capital Gazette - 7/12/15

A decision with a disparate impact against common sense
Washington Examiner - 6/29/15

Supreme Court upholds far-reaching rules against racial discrimination in housing
LA Times- 6/25/15

When Democrats challenged executive overreach
Washington Examiner- 6/15/15

Illinois Uses Racial Preferences for No Good Reason
Cato Institute - 6/4/15

Voting Rights: 6 Reasons Ex-Felons Shouldn't Vote
Newsmax - 4/15/15

Put Emma Lazarus, Muse for a Nation of Immigrants, on the $20 Bill
New York Times - 3/18/15

Disparate Impact's Day in Court
Powerline Blog - 1/22/15

Texas housing case could see civil rights act reinterpreted
AlJazerra America - 1/21/15

Housing-Bias Claims at Risk as High Court Weighs Curbing Suits
Bloomberg - 1/20/15

Plan seeks diversity at SoCal theater companies — but some question it
LA Times - 1/19/15

Holder: Cops Must Pretend Some Facts Don’t Exist
Daily Caller- 12/08/14

Rand Paul’s mistake: Courting Al Sharpton
Washington Post - 11/24/14

Showdown Over Landmark Housing Law Looms at U.S. Supreme Court
Bloomberg - 9/25/14

Minding the Campus - 9/12/14

Both Sides Find Reason for Optimism After Latest Ruling on Texas Affirmative Action
Diverse - 7/17/14

An open letter to Condoleezza Rice
Insight News - 4/11/14

Good News for Low-Income Students
Chronicle of Higher Education - 4/10/14

EEOC Loses Hypocritical Lawsuit against Employer over Background Checks - 4/9/14

Political fight is brewing on race-based preferences
SF Gate - 3/21/14

What Do Unions Offer American Workers Today?
Linda Chavez on PBS - 2/26/14

Panelists at Colorado CELL event agree anti-terror system is broken
Denver Post - 2/18/14

Background checks as the new racism
Claiborne Progress - 12/8/13

Black-on-white crime in America
Star Tribune - 9/14/13

The New Civil-Rights Movement
National Review - 8/30/13

Outrage simmers on 48th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act
Constituion Daily - 8/6/13

More Voting-Rights Challenges from Holder
Heritage Foundation - 7/30/13

Coast Guard Scholarship Called 'Plainly Illegal'
WND Education - 7/21/13

States should be free to determine their own voting rules
USA Today - 6/25/13

The Supreme Court Takes the Mt. Holly Case
National Review - 6/17/13

Take the Mt. Holly Case
National Review - 6/7/13

Virginia Governor Restores the Vote to Nonviolent Felons” - 6/5/13

Regarding the May 29 editorial “A stain on Virginia’s democracy”
Washington Post - 6/2/13

Columbia University Seeks to Amend Legacy Whites-Only Fellowship
Diverse - 5/18/13

Arizona gets English out of the courtroom and into the classroom
Washington Times - 5/3/13

The Ultimate Flaw of College Admissions: More Than Race and Class
New School Free Press - 4/9/13

Causing discrimination rather than ending it: Color-coded public contracting perpetuates unequal treatment
Washington Times - 4/9/13

More Focus Needed on Immigrant Assimilation
National Review- 4/8/13

OU admission practices not a surprise, think tank president says
NewsOK - 10/26/12

University lied about racial admissions, study says
Daily Caller - 10/25/12