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Bilingual Eduaction

CEO board member Rosalie Porter recommends new book

English for the Children: Mandated by the People, Skewed by Politicians and Special Interests--Johanna Haver’s new book, a scathing indictment of the educrats and legislators who forced a damaging education program on millions of children who enter our schools knowing little or no English.
Haver’s sprightly, clear narrative documents the 30 years of “bilingual education,” its failure to improve the schooling of mainly Spanish-speaking children, and the intransigence of law makers to enact changes.
Enter Ron K. Unz, activist/philanthropist who launched the English for the Children campaign that won 60% of the vote in 1998 in California (state with the greatest number of English Language Learners); 63% of the vote in Arizona in 2000 (state with the highest proportion of Spanish speakers); and 68% of the vote in 2002 in Massachusetts (state that passed the first bilingual education law in 1971 and the most liberal voters in the known universe).
Dr. Rosalie Pedalino Porter, member of the CEO board, was an active leader in this campaign. She says, “The only way to rid us of bilingual education was to go over the heads of feckless legislators and appeal to the people. Ron Unz’s leadership and support was essential. The crucial lesson here is that a dedicated group of activists CAN make laws change for the better, even in the face of opposition from both political parties, teachers’ unions and academia.”
Read Haver’s book and enjoy the dazzling account of how it came about, the improvements already documented in English language learning and academic success, and the work still to be done. English Immersion programs are now helping 5 million children realize their potential.
English for the Children: Mandated by the People, Skewed by Politicians and Special Interests, 2013, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc., is available on line from Barnes & and 

The ABC's of English Immersion: A Teachers' Guide

The Center for Equal Opportunity is proud to offer this guide. In it, we attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions about teaching, designing, and evaluating an English immersion classroom and the research underpinnings in favor of English immersion. With the help of this guide, teachers, administrators, and policy makers will reach a better understanding of what structured English immersion is all about, and the special difficulties that affect English-learners at different grade levels, especially older students.

The ABC's of English Immersion: A Teachers' Guide